Temecula Wine Tours: Temecula Wineries A-G

Temecula Wine Tours looks forward to taking you to all the best wineries in the Temecula Valley wine country. On this page, you can find out about our most frequently visited wineries as well as some introductory background information on each one. If you would like further information about specific wineries or you'd like to contact us to book your first wine tour with us, we can easily be reached at any time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, at 555-555-5555 or info@temeculawinetours.com. Here are Temecula Wine Tours' top wineries.

Temecula WineriesBAILY VINEYARD & WINERY has been in business since 1986 and is owned by Phil and Carol Baily who also serve as the winemakers. They currently produce 6,000 cases per year, and their facilities feature Carol's Restaurant & Banquet Room, a tasting room, a gift shop, and a wine club. You can find Baily Vineyard & Winery at 33440 La Serena in Temecula and you can reach them by phone at 951-676-WINE or at their Web site, BailyWinery.com.

BEL VINO WINERY has been going strong since 1998, is owned by Mike Janko, and the wine is made by George Bursick. They turn out an impressive 10,000 cases of wine per year, and their winery features catering, a tasting room, a gift shop, a picnic area, space for weddings, and a wine club. You can visit Bel Vino Winery at 33515 Rancho California Rd, and they can be reached by phone at 951-676-6414 or by Internet at BelVinoWinery.com.

BRIAR ROSE WINERY was established in 2006 and is owned by Les and Dorian Linkogle. Les is the winemaker as well. They produce a limited number of cases per year, just 2,400 in total, and their facilities feature a gourmet deli, wine tasting room, gift shop, barrel room, and wine club. You'll find Briar Rose Winery at 41720 Calle Cabrillo. Their phone number is 951-308-1098 and their Web site link is BriarRoseWinery.com.

CALLAWAY VINEYARD & WINERY is one of the oldest wineries on our list, having been established in 1969. Without a doubt, they are one of the best wineries in the area. With so many decades of experience, how could they not be? The owner is Callaway Temecula, LLC, and the winemaker is Craig Larson. Their annual production is truly stunning at 25,000 cases per year, and their features include Meritage Restaurant, a visitor center, wine events, and a wine club, plus private events and weddings. You can visit Callaway Vineyard & Winery at 32720 Rancho California Rd. Give them a call at 951-676-4001 or get in touch online at CallawayWinery.com.

CHAPIN FAMILY VINEYARDS recently celebrated their tenth year in business, having begun in 2002, and the owner and winemaker is Steve Chapin. This charming family vineyard features a wine club and a tasting room. You'll be able to find Chapin Family Vineyards at 36084 Summitville St, and you can call them at 951-506-2935, or find them online at ChapinFamilyVineyards.com.

CHURON WINERY is a year older than the previous establishment, having had its start in 2001. The owner is Ron Thomas and the production is 3,000 to 5,000 cases per year. This winery features a deli restaurant, a tasting room, a gift shop, a wine club, space for special events and weddings, and even a bed and breakfast! You'll be able to find Churon Winery at 33233 Rancho California Rd, and you can speak to them at 951-694-9071 or connect online at InnAtChuronWinery.com.

COUGAR VINEYARD & WINERY is a bit newer, established in 2004, and the owners and winemakers are Rick and Jennifer Buffington. They produce 4,500 cases per year. The features include a gourmet deli, a tasting room, a gift shop, live music, a wine club, special events, and a picnic and patio area. Cougar Vineyard & Winery is found at 39870 De Portola Rd. You can get in touch with them at 951-491-0825 or at CougarVineyards.com.

DANZA DEL SOL WINERY has longevity as their claim to fame, having begun at the start of "The Me Decade" in 1980. Robert Olson is the owner and Mike Tingley is the winemaker. Their production is quite impressive, with their output being 12,000 cases per year. The winery features catering, a tasting room, a picnic and patio area, private tastings and tours, and a wine club. Their location is 39050 De Portola Rd, their phone number is 951-302-6363, and their Web site is DanzaDelSol.com.

DOFFO VINEYARD & WINERY began in 1997. Marcelo Doffo is both owner and winemaker. You'll find both a tasting room and wine club among their features. You can visit Doffo Vineyard & Winery at 36083 Summitville, and you can get in touch with them at either 951-676-6989 or at DoffoWines.com.

EUROPA VILLAGE is one of our favorite locations for weddings and special events, and the winery produces a respectable 5,000 cases per year. Their facilities feature plenty of space for all your special events, a beautiful courtyard where you can sip wine and enjoy yourself, and of course wine tastings and tours. You'll be able to find Europa Village at 33475 La Serena Way. For more information, you can call 888-EV-EUROPA or click through to EuropaVillage.com.

FALKNER WINERY has been in business since 2000, providing Temecula Valley with some of the very best wines available. It is owned by Falkner Winery, Inc., and by Ray and Loretta Falkner, and the winemaker here is Steve Hagata. Pinnacle Restaurant is the main feature here, as well as a tasting room, space for weddings, receptions, and banquets, a gift shop, an art gallery, and tours. Falkner Winery is located at 40620 Calle Contento and you can reach them at 951-676-8231 or at FalknerWinery.com.

FOOT PATH WINERY is owned by Deane and Christine Foote, and the main feature at this winery is their wine club. Foot Path Winery is located at 36650 Glenoaks Rd, and they can be easily reached by telephone at 951-265-9951, or via the Web at FootPathWinery.com.

FRANGIPANI ESTATE WINERY has been in existence since 2003 and is owned by Don and JoAnn Frangipani. Don also serves as the winemaker, and the production here is 5,000 cases per year. The facilities include a lovely patio, a bocce ball area among the vineyards, a picnic area, and wine tastings. Frangipani Estate Winery is found at 39750 De Portola Rd. Give them a call at 951-699-8845 or connect online at FrangipaniWinery.com.

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