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Temecula Wine Tours welcomes you to Temecula Valley wine country! If you are visiting Temecula, California and you're thrilled to taste all of the spectacular wines that are produced in the verdant valleys of our beautiful city, we hope that you'll consider giving us a call to provide you with the full-service limo bus transportation that you need for your Temecula wine tasting experience. The selection of vehicles that we have for you is unbeatable. You and your wine tasting guests will experience privilege at its peak with Temecula Wine Tours. Our vehicles are well suited for lengthy travels. You can recline in comfort in your wine tour vehicle. Leather seating soothes you while the vibes or your music accompany the relaxing feel of the wines you've encountered. There is a flood of wine for you to taste and try in Temecula. This part of California is richly laden with gourmet wine makers that will let you wet your palette. There are dozens of Temecula Valley wineries that dot the beautiful wine country landscape in this area, covering over 35,000 acres of Riverside County. That is a lot of wine terrain to cover on your wine tour. Temecula Wine Tours is a cut above the rest when it comes to wine tour companies, and the time that you have with us in Temecula will be unforgettable.

One of the main benefits of traveling with us is that no one in your party gets stuck being the designated driver. That can be a rather annoying experience. Sometimes, you want to join in on the drunken good time as well. It really blows to be the only sober person amongst a group of obnoxiously drunk people. All of a sudden you have to add even more responsibility to your overly responsible life. Our transportation let's you drink right along with your friends. You won't have to worry about potentially killing or injuring someone else or yourself or crew. You also won't have to worry about getting a DUI from law enforcement. Every single person in your group gets to enjoy the spacious interior of an expertly-designed limousine bus, complete with cozy wraparound seating for easy conversation, built-in bars with coolers plus ice and cups for you to keep your bottles of wine chilled to enjoy on the bus, glowing LED or fiber-optic lighting to set the perfect tone for the day and night, and high tech stereo systems and HDTVs with DVD players, so you can relax with your favorite music or movies while you sip your favorite red and white wines on a Wine Tour bus.

Wine tastings are one of the more mature, sophisticated things you can indulge in in world class wines. Many of the social elite practice wine tastings in their respective circles. Wine tasting is a great way for you do deepen your cultural knowledge. After spending a day in Temecula, you'll be able to decipher the wine you're drinking without having any former knowledge on what it is. Wine tours are also a great way to have a day of drinking without regretting it. Hard liguor comes with many side effects. Primarily vomiting and hangovers and alochol poisoning if you're really lucky. Those are all things you want to avoid like the plague. Wine tasting allows you to slowly sip various wines while learning about them. In addition to learning about the wines, you are receiving a nice moderate buzz along the way. Wine tasting provides you a slow, gradual tipsy where as liquor tends to hit you hard right away. On top of that, bars and clubs and be crowded and frankly just a tad much. All of the noise, lights, people and music can be overwhelming. Wine tasting allows you to get the buzz you're seeking without putting yourself in that kind of environment.

Beyond just wine tours and wine tasting, there are also unforgettable restaurants, resorts, inns, and wedding venues that Temecula Valley is known for, and a Temecula Winery tour can also provide you with sensational limo bus transportation for those places and events as well. Food and wine are always great together. That's why chefs cook with it. Furthermore, that's why many restaurants have extensive wine selections. Compliments the blends on your palette with an amazing meal. You'll feel so good that you'll never want that moment to end. This is especially true since in Temecula since the restaurants are right by the vineyards. You'll get some of the most sweet, fresh, and savory wine you can find here in Temecula. Sometimes, in the grand scheme of things, you become too tired for the trip home. Should you decide to stay in Temecula for the night, there's a lot of great lodging available to accommodate you and your guests. Have a drunken day in the vineyards Temecula has to offer. You can wind down in a great inn or resort come evening time if you choose. On top of all that, Temecula has many wedding venues available for you. The scenic landscape of Temecula is a beautiful place to get married. Between the wine and resorts that are placed here, it's easy to get swept away with romance. Should the mood strike you to make the biggest romantic gesture available, you can get married in a whole host of places here. We even offer specialized wedding day packages with all kinds of decor and extras to make your big day even more memorable, and if you decide to book your wedding shower, bachelorette party, or bachelor party at the same time that you call to book your wedding trip, you'll get your hourly rate waived for a certain amount of bonus time (please call for details), giving you further value for your money.

On the pages that follow, we'll tell you about the wineries that Temecula Valley wine country is famous for. We'll detail the wine tour events that we most often take customers to and offer wine tasting tips to maximize your tasting experience. We'll give you a personal tour of our Temecula Wine Tours vehicles, so you'll understand just how much luxury and comfort you'll be enjoying on the day of your tour. We'll also go over our most frequently asked questions, give you information on our typical service area, and give you the opportunity to contact us to ask further questions or to book your wine tour trip with us Thank you and please enjoy browsing our site.

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