Temecula Wine Tours: Our Tour Vehicles

Temecula Wine Tours features an array of vehicles daily that are suited to many different needs for wine tour trips. Some of our customers prefer a smaller bus for perhaps 18-22 passengers, while others want plenty of room for 30-40 guests. Some make those decisions based on comfort and on technological features rather than the number of passengers. The vehicles supplied for your wine tasting will leave you reeling in s sea of comfortability. The wine in general is already going to have you feeling nice. Thankfully wine has a subduing quality to it. Once you couple how the wine feels with how great our fleet of vehicles is you will have an imperial experience in our vehicles. TV's are inside of all of the vehicles that we reserve for you. This allows you to watch whatever you want as you make a day out of drinking wine. The best part about it is that our vehicles also have DVD and Blu Ray players inside of them. This means you can bring your favorite movie content and play it n your vehicle as you head to and from the vineyard. There's also crazy good sounds in our vehicles for you to take advantage of as well. You can have your way with our audio system inside of our vehicles. The audio system has plug and play ports for your mobile devices. This means you can hook up your favorite content from your portable electronic devices and allow for them to play clearly. Furthermore, your vehicle has a cd player in it as well. So whatever you want to hear you can hear it your way in our vehicles. Mood lighting is also available in our vehicles. They're color changing as well. This way, your wine tasting trip can have a nuance of its own. There's a full amount of features waiting to greet you in our vehicles. You can change up the experience you have with us depending on how you decide to go and use it. Temecula Wine Tours is all about bold and daring experiences. Create something unexpected in our vehicles. Wine is a great creative motivator. It loosens you up and allows you to think in a clearer way than you could if you were sober. Find the use you need from the everlasting group of features in your vehicle. There's enough things on board to accomodate your every whim and desire. Temecula Wine Tours crafts leisurely outings for all of our clients to enjoy and look back on later. Play around with the features inside of your vehicle from us. You'll be surprised to see the culmination of everything it can do for you. Whatever your particular needs are, we invite you to give Temecula Wine Tours a call at 619-928-2317 or you can send us an email, and we can give you all of the information that you need and point you to the perfect vehicle.

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